Friday, December 10, 2010



for this weekend only
all PinkiePinkie Buttons packs are $3.00 each!!

These buttons MUST go to make room for January's Buttons!!

PinkiePinkie Buttons

By Kate McCulloch

PinkiePinkie Buttons are HANDMADE so each button shall differ slightly to the next. Some are one-offs, therefore they are listed in THEMES.
Your pack may have the exact same buttons as the picture, or it may look SIMILAR. Beneath each picture there is the cost and the amount of packs I have for sale in that theme.


*Email me at: with the THEME pack/s you would like and how many of each pack

E.g Jane Doe
123 Smith Street Newcastle NSW

1 x Ark 2 x LoveCandy
* I will reply with an invoice and bank deposit details. If that theme has sold out before I get a chance to put it on the blog you will be notified.
* Order will be shipped as soon as funds are received. I am a stay at home mum so I can post Monday-Friday no problems.
* I will then list on the blog when items have sold out. Any remaining packs will stay on the blog until they are sold throughout the month.
* You receive your buttons and enjoy using them!! LOL
* There are no refunds
* Please note some buttons have SINGLE holes in them. This is to put brads through! Some have double holes, and some don't have holes at all.

POSTAGE: $3.00
no international orders will be taken at this point in time thanks!

* NOTE: I only use great quality products:
brand name papers and cardstock
stazon ink
acid and lignen free glue
ranger glossy accents
and various embellishments are added to some of my buttons to accent.
Nature: 1 packs- 8 buttons each pack
WAS $4.50 NOW $3.00!!

LoveCandy: 1 packs- 8 buttons each pack
WAS $4.50 NOW $3.00

ForestFriends: 1 packs- 8 buttons
WAS $4.00 NOW $3.00

Disco: 1 packs- 8 buttons each pack
WAS $4.50 NOW $3.00

Deery- 1 pack- 8 buttons each pack
WAS $4.50 NOW $3.00

CityLimits: 2 packs- 10 buttons
WAS $.4.95 NOW $3.00
Botanics 0 pack- 8 buttons
WAS $4.50 NOW $3.00
Ark: 1 packs- 9 buttons each pack
WAS $4.75 NOW $3.00
Aqua: 1 packs- 8 buttons each pack
WAS $4.50 NOW $3.00

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