Monday, November 15, 2010

PinkiePinkie Buttons In Action

Just thought I would show you some PinkiePinkie Buttons on some pages so you get a general idea about how to use them, their sizes and the effect on a page.

Some of the buttons are 1 1/2" (as seen on the pages), I also have 1" and 2" buttons as well. They will be sold as a mixture and in themes, as you will see on the 1st December when they are listed.

Would love for you to comment if you are interested in buying, just so I can see how much interest there is, and how many I will need to make this month to accommodate everyone!

Can't show you this full page yet as it is for a Design Team commitment for the month of December. HOWEVER here is a sneak peek for you! The PinkiePinkie Buttons are those on either side of the yellow flower.

The PinkiePinkie Buttons on this page are green and are either side of the red poppy flower.

As you can see the Green Button has holes in it for you to easily thread cotton or paper string through, or you can leave it as is like I have!

Love reading all your comments, remember to comment on the first post with your favourite colour to go into the draw for a free pack of PinkiePinkie Buttons!!


  1. Very Nice Kate :D I'll be interested to try them out once they are realeased :D

  2. I Kate, I would be interested in trying them too Kate, will they be on etsy...or through you personally. Melxx